Getting what you pay for

The price might look attractive – but there’s a reason

Buying content should be pretty simple, you've got an article you want about fitting cycle brakes so you find someone online, agree a fee and job done.

Or is it?

The problem is that a lot of companies selling content online aren't really bothered about quality, they are much keener on getting through a huge volume of work.

Often, to get the price down they will farm out the work to overseas 'boilerhouses' where people who's first language isn't necessarily English will ping out articles culled from dubious web sources.

Even so it's cheap so that's OK isn't it?

Well not really.

The problem is that you'll need to factor in the cost of spell checking the document and adjusting the grammar.

Then you'll need to fact check it.

Then you'll probably need to make sure it includes the keywords you asked them to include in the first place

Then you'll probably want to insert some life into what was written as a bland and inoffensive article to make sure you that you couldn't get annoyed with it

Then you may be thinking to yourself that actually it would be better to have written the article yourself!

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