If you’re not the customer…

…then you’re the product

I took the title for my latest post from this blog by Seth Godin here Seth’s blog

He makes a very good point that if you are getting something for free then you are probably the product.

We hear a lot in the business world about ‘monetization’. In other words how to take something and turn it into cash.

You can monetize a box of widgets by selling them to a customer. You can monetize your addressbook by selling the email addresses and facebook, linkedin, Google+ and all these other lovely free services monetize you by selling access to you.

In this lovely connected world one of the problems we face is actually only being connected when we want to be. I fully expect to see companies sprouting up offering to disconnect you so that you aren’t marketed at 24/7.

Of course I’m not sure how they’ll monetize that service.

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