Why Isango8

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The short version;

  • I’m an experienced top level interim
  • I’m a qualified Accountant and MBA
  • I cost less than hiring from an agency
  • I’ve got a long track record of very satisfied clients
  • I’ve got a huge contact list of people who can help
  • I’m honest and straightforward – what you see is what you get

Call now and let’s have a chat, it costs nothing and there’s no obligation.

The long version;

When you need help it’s tempting to pick up the phone to a recruitment agency and ask for a bunch of CVs.

This is perfectly understandable, after all it’s where a huge number of people get their jobs.

Recruitment agencies can be great. They often have a database of candidates, they will sift the CVs first so that you only get relevant ones and they may well advertise your job on their  website for you. Which is nice.

However they aren’t all as good as we’d like them to be. At the end of the day they are a sales organisation and they can suffer from the problems that all sales organisations do

and they cost, boy do they cost

I’m a Chartered Management Accountant and have worked in the area of Finance management, Systems Implementation, Business Process Re-engineering and Information Presentation for many years.

As a Finance professional my specialism is in interim management; I go into a company, sort out the issues and then go away again. It’s what I enjoy and what I am good at.

This means that I’ve got a wide variety of experience across a lot of companies and across a lot of functions.

I wanted to give access to my experience, qualifications and knowledge to smaller companies and working for multiple clients works well for me and so Isango8 was born.

Along the way I’ve recruited colleagues with in-depth specialist skills and I utilise them only where needed. This means that SMEs can access the best quality work at a reasonable cost.

Please do get in touch. I don’t charge for any initial conversations about work you may need doing and I may be able to save you a lot of money, plus of course we offer a 100% money back guarantee on any of our work. If you are not happy with what we do then you get your money back,simple.


Stuart Walker MBA, ACMA, CGMA

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