The Growing Telecoms Company


This telecoms company had a strategic plan to grow by acquisition, but to allow this they needed to raise funds through equity and debt financing.

To provide future investors with confidence The Directors identified a need to professionalise their accounts department. They also realised that through the fundraising process there would be an increased need for greater information.

We identified the areas of weakness in discussions with The Directors, suggested a plan of action and then put the plan into operation.

This plan involved reorganising standard business processes to both lean the system but also provide reliable and accurate base data for the accounting systems.

We then agreed a suite of management accounts that would allow the managers of the business greater insight into day to day operations but that could also be used for presentation to external funders.

Through a process of training, motivation and good management the capability of the existing staff was increased and clear reporting lines introduced. Disciplined procedures were instituted and controls enacted to provide further assurance to The Directors that the finances were in safe hands

Once the ship was on an even keel we then instituted a recruitment process for a permanent financial controller to take over the project in house.

Our clients subsequently raised the money they required from equity investors and have identified potential takeover targets

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