Not getting what you need from your finance team?

Sometimes you need to add specific skills to your team but you don't want them forever


Sometimes companies can find themselves with an under performing finance function.

It's not unusual and it is perhaps understandable that whilst execs spend a lot of their time and energy building the operational side of the business, the finance team can get left behind.

The truth is that small companies can often get away with this but there comes a time when it has to stop.

Usually one of four things happens;

  • The company looks to bring in investment or funding
  • The company looks to sell
  • There's a crisis
  • The company wants to grow

When one of these happens then it suddenly becomes clear that the company needs top quality financial information that can be relied upon.

The problem is that no sensible investor or bank is likely to put money into a company that can't provide accurate accounts and clearly doesn't know what's happening on a day to day basis. It's also true to say that a purchaser will want to see the business demonstrate that it has a clear sight of the money side of the business and that it can provide a set of forecasts that are based on more than just guesswork.

Whilst these are areas where a company may be pushed into getting their finance team up to scratch the fourth eventuality; that of a company wishing to grow organically or by acquisition, is where the directors take a strategic view to invest in their finance team.

Unfortunately for smaller companies the fact remains that unless they have specific experience of what a top class finance team looks like it is unlikely that they will know what steps to take.

Appointing Isango8 to project manage the finance transformation gives the directors the confidence to know that their finance team is in good hands.

We'll assess the capability of the team, speak with the directors about their desired outcomes and put together a detailed plan to take the finance function from poor to great in a defined time. Throughout the process we'll keep the directors fully appraised of the progress of the project.

Best of all appointing our project manager will usually be cheaper than using a vendor appointed one and you won't pay an agency uplift fee making it highly cost effective.


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