Projects – Making things better

In our experience in around 90% of cases it’s not the system that’s broken

Often it's the processes around the system or the reporting from it. Sometimes this is down to legacy processes or poor data management

You'll know this is the case if;

  • People tell you that 'we've always done it that way'
  • You're pretty sure that the information is in there somewhere
  • Your employees are doing lots of manual tasks
  • You send a lot of information out in hard copy format
  • Your senior managers spend a lot of time writing reports

How I can help

Truthfully there's no point in just looking at a tiny part of a system.

The problem is that now more than ever systems are interlinked. Even if they are not linked electronically you'll often find that processes and workarounds mean that a change in one area affects many others.

That's why I take a holistic view of your operation and how each part of the system acts upon another.

I use 6Sigma techniques to identify areas of waste then make clear recommendations as to how you should reorganise things.

I'll then help you get your processes and systems in order and make sure that you get the reporting you need when you need it.

My focus is on getting the best out of your people and systems without spending lots of money on new software or computing assets. But if I have to then I'll recommend that you look for something new.

If you think that even simple tasks are taking too long then why not ring for a no obligation, no cost chat. I may be able to make suggestions that cut down processing time but don't cost the earth.

Contact us now for an initial chat about how we can help your company