Making it better – finance

Sometimes it's really difficult to see what you need to do - that's where I come in

How can I help you?

If you are a company owner;

  • Do you get a feeling that something is wrong?
  • Are deadlines missed and you can't find out why?
  • Do your people seem to be really busy just keeping up with the workload?
  • Do you know something isn't quite right but you're not sure what?
  • Do you feel that your finance department is a just an expense rather than adding value?


It can be really difficult when you know something is wrong but you're not sure what - after all you're the person with all the answers right?

I specialise in helping SME's get their finance team working efficiently and adding value to the business. I can bring in the experience and knowledge that will help you decide what you need and then get it delivered.

Don't know what an accrual is? Doesn't matter because I do. I'm there to help you get clarity around finance and accounts and to point out problems before they arise.

If you are a Financial Director;

  • Do you need extra help for a busy time?
  • Do you want to buy in some expertise to help you through a special project?
  • Need you finance team re-organised but don't have enough time?
  • Need a fire-and-forget resource to help you manage your workload?

Think of my service as bringing in an awesome first team coach. You may have other projects you are working on or your day to day business stops you getting involved as much as you'd like.

I am an experienced 2nd pair of eyes. I can give you an independent view of your problem and provide solutions. I make issues go away.

I'm the guy you can rely upon and the person who you don't need to check up on - you just know they've done it right.

Whatever issue you are facing and whatever problem has reared its ugly head then get in touch. I don't charge for the initial consultation and there's no obligation to proceed.

Call now and get on the road to solving your problem.