The Retail Group

The British High Street

This UK retailer had experienced massive growth but with each shop opening the information gap grew ever wider.

They realised that they needed a technical solution to help overcome this and decided to implement an EPOS system with a back to base JIT ordering system

The problem was that no-one in the company had any expertise with ‘IT’ or project management. What they needed was someone with these skills to come in, do an all of market search for the right system and then manage the client side implementation in concert with their chosen provider

The time given to finish the 40 stores was 6 months from start to finish

As lead on the project we gathered together the directors and agreed the scope and aims of the project, compiled the long list and whittled this down to a short list of three. The potential suppliers then presented to the board and we produced a project cost analysis.

Once the directors had made their decision we put together the project and installation plan in partnership with the supplier and managed the entire project start to finish – a finish that was only 4 and a half months from the initial go ahead.

The company now has the till system as a standard part of its store fit-out and at any point the directors know what the sales are in each shop. This is so successful that they were able to distribute the key Christmas sales figures to management within 1 hour of closing their stores.

Stock holding costs are now down 20% and shops are being fitted out with smaller stockrooms(because sales space equals money).

As an added extra we provided a suite of properly formatted and automatically produced sales reports giving the area sales managers, store managers and directors exactly the information they needed, when they needed it.

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